How big does a pomsky get?

How big does a pomsky get? Because you live in an apartment and therefore there is no room for a big dog. You want a Pomsky because they are so small and cute or behind your house there are a lot of fields for pomsky to play around. Pomsky dogs even have appeared several profiles on social networks dedicated to it. For those who do not know that it is, is a dog resulting Pomerian and mix a Siberian Husky. There are great small dogs who got a better quality of life. For example, the pomsky, these are smart little dogs. If you are true animal lover, so do not buy a pomsky modeled as a status symbol, but look at all of the guide dog breeds out.

How big does a pomsky get

You buy a dog just because that looks so sweet

The beauty of this animal has already won over many, and although most are usually small , some Pomsky can grow to the size of a Pomeranian, but they are normally average out to be anywhere from 5-25 lbs, with the body height measurement approximately 40-50cm for male and female. This can not continue to grow, because the breeding goal has been achieved.

If you want a sweet little dog, human lovers, easy to clean, is made for smaller apartments and is satisfied with less spout, then you put on a pomsky puppy. But puppy can not climb stairs, most young dogs do not, and heavy dogs either.

Pomsky is definitely a better alternative for the normal dog owners to want to have as a real big Husky. Because Huskies are pack animals and not suitable for the average dog owners.

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