Pomsky puppies breeders

Pomsky in fact not a purebred dog, so no breeding dogs but mixed breed dogs, such as the intersection with Pomeranian + Husky. Pomskys are not a race, so they can not breed. These are so-called designers dogs. And as the breeds from which these hybrids are crossed, not at all fit together. I also discovered that there are no pomsky breeders, because they are really a hybrid, but in a few years there will be a competition this cute dog! Do not give up until you’ve found one little pomsky. As said by others, Pomsky is not among dog breeds but only an absurd term.

Last month, I drove from NYC to Tulsa, Oklahoma to buy two puppies pomsky. They are funny and amazing dogs. If you do not know what pomsky is, it is a cross between a Pomeranian and a husky Here are two pomsky that I have. They are both male and female. Their sizes are not too big according to their current ages.

Pomsky puppy breeders

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